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Featured Project

manaka 1 scaled

Client: Manaka Coffee

We’ve had the pleasure of working with Manaka for a few years, and we recently launched the second version of their website. We believed it was time to revamp their online presence and bring them up to speed with the modern digital landscape. Our team leader is an e-commerce expert, and we utilised this skillset to create a cutting-edge online store for Manaka, where they can showcase and sell their exceptional coffee products (trust us, you don’t want to miss out). In addition, we manage their social media profiles and take great pride in our work for them, as we do for all our clients. Be sure to check them out!

Klein COncepts

Client: Klein Concepts

We revamped the Klein Concepts website to reflect their brand’s essence, with a modern and sleek design that embodies their sophistication and innovation. As they continue to evolve, we recognized the importance of updating their digital presence. Collaborating closely with their team, we ensured their vision remained at the forefront. The new website adapts seamlessly to various devices, catering to their diverse audience. It stands as a striking and effective digital representation of their brand, showcasing their commitment to excellence.

ngombev2 scaled

Client: Ngombe Business Solutions

Ngombe Business Solutions approached us for a website that accurately represents their brand and services. Although this project was outside our usual scope, it was incredibly rewarding for our team to collaborate and create a website that effectively communicated their message. With our help, they now have a comprehensive sales tool that informs potential customers about their offerings. This project exemplifies the importance of owning your digital presence, and we’re thrilled to have played a role in enhancing Ngombe Business Solutions’ online profile.

africanlegacy scaled

Client: African Legacy

African Legacy approached us for a website that would serve as an introduction to their services for potential customers. While they didn’t require extensive functionality, we believed it was important to create something that they could be proud of. We designed a clean and visually appealing website that perfectly meets their needs, and we hope that it elevates their brand to new heights. We thoroughly enjoyed the design process, and we’re eager to work on more similar projects in the future.

uncut 1 scaled

Client: Uncut Productions

As a part of our family, it was only fitting that we create a stunning website for them to showcase their talents to the world. Our team designed a sophisticated, minimal, and classy platform that truly reflects their brand ethos. We’re confident that we’ve provided them with a website that accurately represents their vision. We encourage you to take a look at their work and see for yourself the exceptional quality of their services. Additionally, all the written content on the site was produced by our in-house copywriters, so if you enjoyed it, you know where to find the source!
fish and chips scaled

Client: The Fish & Chip Shop

Our go-to lunch spot recently approached us with an exciting proposition: as they prepare to franchise their business, they recognized the need for a sleek, modern website that would appeal to both investors and customers alike. Naturally, we were thrilled to help them achieve this goal. Working closely with the restaurant’s team, we set out to create a digital space that would do justice to their long-standing reputation for serving up the tastiest fish and chips in town. Overall, we’re incredibly proud of the final result: a website that speaks volumes about the restaurant’s family-run ethos, while also showcasing their dedication to providing a top-notch dining experience for all who visit.

TAL scaled

Client: Norcros South Africa

Norcros enlisted our expertise to assist in the launch of their latest TAL floor levelling system. Our team developed a tailored website that seamlessly catered to their specific requirements and included ingenious features. The site provides clients with comprehensive information about the new product, as well as a direct line to the TAL team for any further queries. Our standout contribution was building a customized materials quantity calculator, which eliminates the risk of overspending and waste by providing customers with precise information on how much product to order.

gemelli scaled

Client: Gemelli Restaurant

The Gemelli team operates like a close-knit family, infusing traditional Italian cuisine with contemporary style in their presentation. To maintain brand consistency, we incorporated this essence into their website’s redesign, resulting in a modern, polished platform that effectively communicates their values. Our efforts in enhancing their social media profiles have been noteworthy as well, with stunning results that have resonated with their dedicated patrons, as evidenced by their impressive digital growth. Follow the links below to experience the impact for yourself!

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